What is L-space Diaries?

An occasional newsletter of notes focusing on just the productized generative AI space. The focus is important because this is evolving fast and some people care more/care less about this than other topics.

“This is spot on. Multiverse is the real metaverse.“ - Emad Mostaque

“A very useful summary of the state of play in open source generative AI, including a bunch of projects I hadn't heard about before” - Simon Willison

“I have like 20 tabs open with links now” - Kevin Hu

“Some terrifyingly and delightfully sharp insights here by @swyx into generative AI, capitalism, and how the multiverse will come to our rescue as the metaverse encroaches.” - gabor ugray

"But you cannot own a Multiverse. Whatever virtual land you “own”, my next favorite one is one seed away in a neighboring universe." - Jim OShaughnessy

My regular blog is more career and engineering focused, and DXTips is more DevRel focused. I am undecided on how seriously I want to pursue this crazy trend, so decided to carve out a new space. (was also intending to experience Substack in anger).

“L-Space” nominally stands for Latent Space, but also it is a reference to the L-space of Discworld, by Sir Terry Pratchett (GNU).


Writer, curator, latent space explorer. Main blog: https://swyx.io Devrel/Dev community: https://dx.tips/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/swyx